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Healing the WHOLE person

Reiki & Nutrition for Digestive Health & Weight Release

White Branch


Become more of your highest self. Create space for health, abundance and flow

White Branch

Digestive Health

 Deciphering the root cause of the symptoms and stress is possible with guidance and support.  

White Branch

Weight Release 

Discover what specific plan works your  bio-individuality to craft a bespoke lifestyle and nutrition program.

Vibrant health.

An end to yo-yo dieting.

Relief from chronic conditions.

Feeling at home and at ease in your body.

If you’ve tried other approaches and found yourself feeling frustrated with how out of reach those things still seem, you’re not alone—I felt that way for a long time, too. I’m Jalpa Dhaduk, and through my own health journey, studies, and experience with clients, I’ve come to realize that the reason so many people don’t achieve their health goals isn’t because they don’t try—it’s because they haven’t been offered a solution that gets to the root cause of their issues and honors who they are as a whole person.

As a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Reiki Master, and Digestive Health Expert, I help people reclaim their innate wellness by joining nutrition with Reiki in a combination that expedites deep healing.




Abhisha P.

Jalpa's sound meditations and reiki are so powerful and transformative.  I found myself in a completely different state of mind after each of the sound meditations.  I was more relaxed and felt more connected with my higher self.  

Holly T.

 I went to see here after experiencing some personal issues, stress and anxiety. I left with clarity and peace of mind. She's incredibly intuitive and she made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole experience.

Katrina S.

I began her 3 month nutrition and reiki program and to say the results are amazing is an understatement. I had my TSH (thyroid) levels checked 3 times in 6 months prior to seeing Jalpa and my levels were 2.5-5. After seeing her for 3 months and changing my nutrition, receiving energy healing, and learning stress reduction techniques my TSH levels dropped to .44-

Veronica P.

Jalpa has changed my life and has helped give me a clearer vision on who I am and who I am becoming and who I am leaving behind. She continues to help me have a deeper understanding of myself so I can better understand those around me.

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