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With  Jalpa Dhaduk & Kelly Margerum
February 3-10th 2018 | Goa, India



With Kristen Hwang, Jalpa Dhaduk & Tahilia Rebello
November 3-6th 2016 | Bernville, Pennsylvania


With Kristen Hwang & Jalpa Dhaduk
March 23-26 | Catskills, NY Menla Retreat Resort & Spa

The biggest take away for me was upgrading my daily routine to eating and living a healthier lifestyle. The workshop for morning routine gave me insight and inspiration to start a yoga practice and stretching to get my energy flowing and drinking warm water with lemon each morning. I was able to start these simple habits and have been successful in religiously implementing them ever since the retreat. I learned a lot from Jalpa's food prep workshop - it helped me to start paying attention to what I am buying and actually reading labels for all food items. 

Subconsciously I'm constantly thinking about those few days and how I felt –it always inspires me to make healthier choices. 

When I am down and low on energy I just reminiscence to that trip - definitely brings me back to the state of joy I felt those 4 days! 

~ Jujlia ( Menla Retreat 2017)

Initially, I treated this retreat more-so as time to unplug and hang out with my friend (who also signed up for the retreat). I didn't expect too much from the yoga or cooking sessions - but It ended up being one of the most amazing, life-changing events I've ever attended. 

I hadn't practiced yoga before and I thought a retreat that combines nutrition and yoga  - all while enjoying a girls trip sounded like a good place to start. I was right :)

I signed up because I realized I wasn't taking care of myself and that was trickling over to other areas of my life. We learned how to take the first steps towards self care - starting from clean food to healthy movement; but most importantly realizing that we need to really take a moment to appreciate ourselves and those around us.

I  gained a deep appreciation for how we should view what we eat. Plant based eating and mindfulness isn't just taking something out of my diet, it's paying attention to my body and gently implementing health foods that are unique for me and my lifestyle.

I recommend everyone to approach Jalpa's retreats as a time to get a clean slate and really appreciate yourself. Go with an open mind and heart and you won't regret it.

~ Jane (Menla Retreat, March 2017)

A retreat is exactly what I needed to find  myself again. Surrounded by extremely loving attendees and hosts gave me the strength to explore myself while I take the next steps in redesigning my life.  I felt lost after losing my husband last February; couldn't figure out why I felt so disconnected.  This retreat impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined.  I learned how to be open to receiving love from others and to start loving myself deeper.

~ Daisy (Fall Retreat 2016)

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