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6 Week Refresh and Reset

 (Nutrition Group Coaching)

 Price: $185

Start Date: April 24, 2017

The snow has melted and it's time to come out of hibernation! We naturally tend to eat foods that are heavier during the winter months to keep us warm. As the weather warms up, we need to start cleansing our bodies from the winter and step into summer. Spring is the interim time nature gives us to gently cleanse our bodies. Join me and other amazing women for our Refresh and Reset program where I teach you how to set healthy daily habits to help you shed the winter weight, gently cleanse your body with natural foods, and gain energy to enjoy all that summer has to offer! All group coaching will be done via conference calls, so don't worry about your location. You can join us from anywhere!


What’s Included:

  1. Weekly group coaching calls

  2. Meal Planning

  3. Recipes

  4. 1:1 and group support - when you are working with people pulling in the same direction, you are more likely to stay on track and accomplish your goal.




  1. Diminish cravings;  emotional, and stress eating.

  2. Learn to eat according to your blood type.

  3. Lose up to 12 pounds.

  4.   You feel inspired, motivated, and excited to take care of yourself.

  5.   You can relax, because you know you are on the right track to getting the body you want.

  6.   Feel confident in your bathing suit! 

  7.   Learn what works for your unique body and blood type. 

  8.  Put and end to a vicious cycle of  'diets' that just don't work. 



  1. You keep eating boring food that you don’t enjoy

  2. You continue to torture yourself with “diets” that have temporary results

  3. You keep overexercising to punish yourself for “giving into” that food craving

We are all biochemically build differently, therefore we have different nutrition needs.  You can eat all the "right foods," but if they are not right for YOU, you will not see results.  Our blood type dictates how much stomach acid our bodies have, cortisol levels, and much more. When you eat foods that are appropriate for your unique blood type, exercise without spiking your cortisol levels; you eventually balance out your body and the weight naturally comes off.  


Help your body return to balance by eating the foods that nourish you and shed the excess weight in a sustainable way.


How it works

  1. After sign up, you will be assigned a group according to your blood type

  2. We will schedule a weekly group coaching call - 3 people (maximum) per group in order to receive the individual attention that is required for success. (75 minutes per call)

  3. In the weekly group coaching call, we will discuss:

A new topic every week to discuss 1-2 habits to implement for the upcoming week

How to eat a balanced meal that will keep you full and focused

How to avoid the mid day slump and food cravings 

How to decrease caffeine and sugar painlessly

How to lose the inches quickly, while still eating flavors you enjoy

How develop a routine that will help you continue to lose the inches after the program has been completed

Discuss what methods worked and what methods didn’t - how to adjust accordingly

4.  You will have unlimited email access with me in between calls in case you have a weak moment (Because life happens)

5. Weekly group progress weigh in (or measurements)

If you are not sure of your blood type, please contact your MD. You can also complete a home blood test kit from Amazon.

To Register or any further questions, please email Jalpa:


SO excited to embark on this journey with you!

Testimonial from previous 6 Week Program:

 One of my main concerns for joining the 6 week program was to lose post pregnancy weight and  develop healthy habits.  Jalpa paid attention to my priorities and lifestyle. Her recommendations were realistic and practical to implement.  I have noticed positive changes in my all areas of my life, including my relationships.   We even implemented some of the recommendations with my husband and now were are both choosing much healthier options.  This program definitely improved my confidence and knowledge in taking care of myself.  I am most proud of taking the first step to becoming the best version of myself - for myself and my beautiful baby boy. 

AC, Translator 

Spring Refresh & Reset

6 Week Group Coaching Program

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