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Uplifting Humanity One Product at a Time

Looking to do you part in saving the world? With this one choice, you can. You may have seen the Fair Trade logo on some of your favorite foods, but what does it mean exactly?

Fair Trade certified products ensure that farmers are getting paid fair wages for their work and products. It may seem like a simple concept, but the effects are powerful and the key to uplifting humanity and preserving our planet. It provides hope and dignity by empowering and educating farmers on entrepreneurial skills to thrive in today’s international market.

Reasons To Shop Fair Trade: 1. Fair Trade supports sustainable and ethical practices for the farmers. Trading products the traditional way can keep families in poverty for generations. 2. Fair Trade equals high quality products. Artisans take pride in their work, which translates to closer attention to detail and better products.

3. Fair Trade products are safer for you and the environment. It supports farming practices that improve soil fertility and preserve valuable ecosystems, and limit the use of harmful agrochemicals that present dangers to farmers’ health. In turn, the food is safer for you and the people who grow it. 4. Fair Trade uplifts whole communities. Fair wages ensure that families can afford to send their kids to school and provide proper health care. It helps the local communities to come together to build schools and establish health care facilities instead of depending on NGOs.

5. Fair Trade helps build local economy. It gives farmers and artisans control of their own future. They can build their own businesses, rather than working for a middle man, and the profits stay in their communities and go back into their businesses. On a spiritual note, food is energy. When your food is created by someone who is happy, empowered, and passionate about their work, that energy will only be translated to you. You can enjoy that cup of coffee or that piece of chocolate knowing that you have helped change the lives of people and communities around the world.

​Next time you are grocery shopping, shop for products with the Fair Trade logo and enjoy them deeply knowing that a hard working farmer can now better provide better education and healthcare for his family.

With Love,


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