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Your Guide To The Best Cocktails This Holiday Season

The year is coming to a close and we are on the verge of a beautiful, fresh beginning. This time of year always involves food, family, and cocktails! As always, enjoy responsibly and remember, you are there to enjoy the company and the experience. Although I don't encourage counting calories, having the information often makes us aware of how much alcohol we are putting into our bodies. Here are your smartest sipping options.

Sparkling Fruit Sangria (Adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction)

  •  1 orange, thinly sliced – be sure to wash rind well

  •  1/2 lemon, thinly sliced – be sure to wash rind well

  •  1 cup blueberries

  •  1 cup raspberries

  •  10 large strawberries, sliced

  •  1 cup pure orange juice

  •  1 750ml bottle dry white wine – organic is best

  •  1 750ml bottle dry Prosecco or sparkling white wine – organic is best


Place all fruit and orange juice in a large pitcher or bowl, add wine and allow to sit in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours. Right before serving, add champagne. Enjoy!

Note: Traditional sangria usually includes a little brandy. Feel free to add 1/4 cup

to the pitcher, but this will of course increase the sugar content & calories.

Pretty in Pink

Adapted from Love & Lemons

  •  Crushed ice

  •  1.5 oz vodka

  •  3-5 oz ginger kombucha (any brand, but lower sugar is better!)  Fresh mint leaves


Lemon slices – be sure to wash rind well.

Fill a small glass with crushed ice. Pour in vodka and kombucha (change ratio if you like). Add a few sprigs of mint and a lemon slice.


*For a “mocktail” – just leave out vodka.

1 glass is under 150 calories

Beer, Cider & Wine:  Most gluten free beer, 12 oz bottle to 16 oz tall can 130-210 cals, 3-14 grams carbs (a wide variation!)

 Organic red wine (no extra fillers or sulphites), 5 oz glass 100-165 cals, 0-4 grams net carbs 

Organic white wine (no extra fillers or sulphites), dry, 5 oz glass 90-140 cals, 1-6 grams net carbs.

*Remember that alcohol goes by ABV % (percentage of alcohol by volume, ranging from 9-17%), so the lower the percentage, the lower the calories & carbs  **For a list of organic, non-gmo sulphite free wines, try Dry Farms Wines if in the US.

Best Clear Hard Liquors:

Gluten free vodka (look for potato, not corn), 1.5 oz, 100 cals, 0 grams carbs – mix with Kombucha, coconut water, green tea, sparkling water,lime, grapefruit, splash of unsweetened cranberry juice, sprig of mint, or frozen berries.


But isn’t all vodka gluten free?

Unfortunately, you can’t take the chance, especially if you are Celiac or very sensitive to gluten.  100% Agave tequila, 1 oz shot 65-100 calories, 0 carbs - why this type? It’s generally higher quality.  Gin, 1.5 oz ~115 calories, 0 grams carbs.

According to - vodka is a very tricky alcohol for gluten free drinkers. You see, technically, during the distillation process of the vodka, the gluten proteins from wheat-based vodkas is supposed to be removed. However, many people have claimed that these vodkas (made from wheat) still contain gluten, thus leaving them feeling sick and nauseous. So to be safe, stay away from all wheat-based vodkas if you have Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.


According to - when tequila is made the traditional way with a blue agave plant, it is naturally gluten free. However, there are cheap brands that contain gluten, which are called “mixto.” So to make sure that your tequila is gluten free, be sure that the bottle says, “100% agave.”


Gin is essentially a clear distilled grain spirit flavored with various "natural botanicals. These natural botanicals vary from brand to brand and the different combinations give each its distinct character. Juniper is always predominant but other ingredients may include coriander, sage, cassia, nutmeg, rosemary, caraway and angelica root.

*Skip the soda (including tonic), juice and other sugary mixes – these can triple the calories & carbs

 Love your G&T’s? So, why is tonic not suggested as a mix? Despite it’s sour taste, due to the addition of quinine, once used for its medicinal purposes – tonic water is a misnomer and commercial varieties still pack 11 grams of sugar per serving!

Happy New Year Everyone!! May this year bring you joy, love, excitement, and success in ALL areas of you lived. May you be open and courageous to receive it all.

Adapted from Krista from

Krista is a former marine biologist & Fitness Trainer who is now a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) and Registered Nutritional Counselor (RNC). She is also an avid outdoors person who enjoys traveling, boating, scuba diving and hiking. The only thing that still entices her to head indoors on a regular basis is blog writing and hot yoga!

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