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Fresh Food Toss Salad

This is my I-am-short-on-time let me toss fresh foods together salad. You come home from a long day and the last thing you want to do is play chef for another hour. I HEAR YOU! This is a no brainer, toss salad where you literally toss these ingredients together to make a balanced meal. It has all the components of a balanced plate: Protein (chickpeas)

Fiber (all the vegetables)

Carbs (Chickpeas and grapes)

Healthy fats (chopped nuts)

Make this salad your own toss with you favorite fresh vegetables! The only rule is that the ingredients need to be from the Earth. No "foods" that were made in a factory. Your body recognizes foods that come from the Earth and it digests them easily and efficiently; absorbing all the nutrients you need for vitality and vigor!

PS: This is also easy to make in extra quantity and take to lunch the next day!


2 cups greens of choice (I used arugula here)

1 cup chickpeas (drained and rinsed)

1 TBS sliced red onions

2 TBS sliced grapes

1 TBS chopped nuts (I used walnuts here)

Pomegranate (optional)

Cooked Beets (optional)



2 TBS balsamic vinegar


1. Toss all the salad ingredients in a bowl

2. Whisk the 2 ingredients for the dressing together and pour on salad.

3. Enjoy with love and gratitude.

Do you know someone that NEEDS this tip? Share the love and forward the recipe to them!

Be sure to tag @nourishbyjd if you try the recipe! I love seeing your creations!

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