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VYNE Life - Making Life Easier

It’s Sunday night (and you’ve been socializing all weekend); it hits you that you have not a single healthy meal prepped for the week. There’s a solution for that.

VYNE Life.

They are a plant based, healthy meal delivery company that caters to the NYC area. As a picky eater who demands flavor and nutrition from every dish, I was quite impressed with VYNE.

Upon digging deeper, it wasn’t just the flavor I was impressed by. Meals from Vyne are plant-based, gluten and soy free, and made fresh - never frozen. They source ingredients locally and seasonally so their menu changes depending on when you’re ordering! How's that for keeping it interesting on the palate?

As a Nutrition Health Coach, I advocate at least an 80% plant based diet. Science has proven over and over again that plant powered meals are key in decreasing inflammation in the body and prevention of chronic diseases. The benefits extend to the mind and body - plus it’s sustainable for our planet.

They even have dessert!

How it works:

  1. Menu rotates with seasonal dishes and has delivery options twice a week: Sunday/Monday or Wednesday/Thursday.

  2. They deliver where it’s the most convenient for you: home, office or fitness studio. (Doesn’t get easier than this.)

  3. The meals expire that week, be sure to eat all the meals you order.

Transitioning over to plant based eating can be challenging, especially at the beginning. Let VYNE help you out. Their mission to help you create a sustainable, affordable, clean lifestyle that helps you thrive.

If you’re in the NYC area, be sure to give Vyne life a try. It’s affordable, delicious, and one of the cleanest “take outs” out there.

Take aways from the VYNE experience:

1. Portion sizes are literally perfect! I'm full and satisfied.

2. It's completely affordable and they do all the work for you. Most take out options are upwards for $15 in NYC. VYNE starts as low as $9.

3. I don't feel groggy or tired afterwards. Evidence that the ingredients are clean.

If you feel ordering it weekly may be too tight on your wallet, consider using them when you’re returning back from a trip and you know you won’t have time to meal prep. Perhaps during a week when you have a deadline, and meal prepping is the last thing you need.

With VYNE available in the New York area, there really is no reason you can’t stay on track during the busiest of times.

Needless to say, my heart and stomach were full after eating these meals. I'm sold on these meals and I plan to use them anytime I need help staying on track for clean meals - because my body is worth it !

To order your healthy meals, go to:


Folks over at Vyne Life were generous enough to send me a few meals to taste and give feedback. I ONLY recommend products I have used and are aligned with my nutritional and ethical values.

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