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Biscuit For Breakfast? Yes Please!

Sometimes you just crave a treat that's still clean and satisfies your sweet tooth. Recently, a family owned Greek biscuit company contacted me to try their organic, whole grain treats. I have to admit, I was a bit curious to see what the ingredients would be like. As we know, labeling products organic doesn't always translate to healthy for the body.

After taste testing all 3 of their flavors, here's my final verdict:

1. Taste: just the perfect amount of sweetness with 7g of sugar.

2. Ingredients: All pronounceable, and as promised, a blend of while grains.

3. Texture: biscuit consistency and grate for dipping into my chai or coffee.

4. Nutrition: 180 calories with 5 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat. This is something I've used as a treat when I'm craving something sweet. The portion is perfect and I have brought a few packs when traveling as airport food isn't always the healthiest. It contains complex carbs, so it helped stay fuller longer. Side note, this product does have gluten, however it's organic so my body is able to process it well.

You can find Olyra at 1500 stores nationwide or order them directly from

If you need a wholesome treat that's clean, organic, and ethically made - check out Olyra!

I only support brands I believe in. I love that Olyra supports their local community and is environmentally conscious.

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