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If She Can Do It, So Can You. A Success Story.

Meet Melissa. Initially, she was experiencing emotional eating, unsure on how to release weight she knew was no longer meant to be a part of her physical body, stress overload, and unable to go within to prioritize what was important and block out the noise. After just 3 months of learning her body, mind and the foods her body responds to, she emerged to a place where she has direction, purpose and able to make food decisions that brought results to her unique body and lifestyle. There is no cookie cutter method. Bio individuality is the path to honoring the uniqueness in all of us and getting long term results.

"I went to Jalpa for coaching in nutrition and for Reiki services. I was prompted to seek help with my nutrition due to my thyroid dysfunction. The symptoms I experienced from not having a healthy clean diet in place were anxiety, stomach upset, no consistent elimination of wastes, and fatigue. In addition I would emotionally eat and was not able to recognize this on my own. ​ I noticed a difference right away with incorporating the probiotics. My energy level was greatly improved with blending healthy smoothies via Jalpa’s recipes. The combination of eating healthy clean meals, probiotics and smoothies made my elimination schedule regular as well as improving the look of my skin and hair. ​ Jalpa was able to make me aware of “emotional” eating. I was able to control my intake with proper planning and greatly decreased the need to “eat my feelings”. The Reiki was amazing! With the use of a rose quartz pointed crystal Jalpa was able to remove a block in my solar plexus. The two of us actually felt this energy process at the same time. The release of this energy truly gave me a greater sense of power as that is what is out of balance with the 3rd chakra. ​ I would highly recommend these services to anyone that wants to eat clean, have more energy, better sleep, shed excess weight, experience regularity of elimination of wastes both physically and energetically. Jalpa has a very soothing voice as she coaches you and is very thorough and patient throughout the whole process."

Curious if the Nutrition + Reiki 360 healing program is for you? Click here for detail and to set up a free 20 minute consultation.

Lots of Love,


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