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We're brining our most popular workshop to India!

Reiki + Hypnotherapy Workshop

Each Workshop will focus on clearing the chakras so you can open up your energy field to allow blessings and manifestations to enter. 

  • Manifesting is simply clearing the subconscious patterns and blockages that are keeping you from receiving what your spirit desires.  Manifestation is making space for the things your spirit desires with ease and grace.  What we want is already available to us. We just have to remove the resistance -  the block that’s in its way. 

  • How It Works:

  • Hypnotherapy creates space and opens the gateway to communicate with your subconscious.  RTT is designed to access the subconscious mind, the part of our mind that holds the answers to our problems. The subconscious mind holds onto all of your past experiences and beliefs until you can make sense of them. RTT helps you to quickly and easily trace the root cause of your mental or physical issues, patterns, and behaviors. Only then can they be reprogrammed, upgraded, and released.

  • Reiki, a Japanese technique of stress reduction works with the main and subtle energy centers in the body to promote healing on all molecular levels - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Reiki is an energy healing modality that derives from the very same life force energy that flows through our cells and DNA. Reiki energy heals by getting to the core of your condition and flushing it out.

  • This powerful combination helps clear blockages quickly and with ease. 

(subject to change)*

Image by Jared Rice
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