Tuesday, February 11, 2020

8-9:30 PM

Acuworx, Jersey City 


The Power of 3: Tap Into Your Truth to Express Authentic Love

Welcome to the Power of 3

It is said, honest communication is the key to a successful relationships - all relationships.
This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to tap into your truth in order to express your authentic love with clear expression - for yourself and a loved one.

February’s event is based around the Throat chakra, known as the “soul’s gate.”  This is the seat of self expression bridging the head and the heart, serving as mediator between emotions and thoughts. A balance in this Chakra allows us to trust our own inner voice while learning to speak our authentic truth in the external world.  

This event is named appropriately as we are using Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Reiki to address imbalances. We will align your body, mind and spirit through those vehicles, to open and balance your throat chakra.

Join us and receive a special rate if you purchase two tickets. 



*Please arrive at 7:45 (event starts at 8:00pm)

*REQUIREMENTS: Please bring yoga mat & wear loose comfortable clothing. Removal of shoes & socks is required.

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