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Reiki Master Teacher

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Occupational Therapist 

What do you wish was different about your physical and mental health?

Maybe you wish you didn’t have to deal with the pain and stress of digestive issues like IBS or colitis. Maybe you wish you could experience life with less anxiety. Or maybe you would love to have the energy and ease of maintaining a healthy weight.

In my work as an Occupational Therapist, I met many people who wished for better health after a stroke or other major incident robbed them of their full functionality. I witnessed the toll it took on them and on their families. And I witnessed something else as well: for many patients, the very medicines meant to help them heal were making them sicker as they got caught in a spiral of side effects from pills and more pills to address side effects.

I began to wonder if there wasn’t some other way to address our health needs, rather than relying only on prescription medications. And I began to wonder if there was a way to address and maybe even reverse our health issues before we reach a crisis like so many of my patients had experienced.

So I started to investigate and study. I also had my own reasons for looking into alternative and effective healing methods. Acne, digestive issues, and stubborn excess weight had eroded some of my confidence over the years, affecting my relationships and career.

I discovered that my own health conditions began to improve with nutritional changes, but when I turned inward and addressed the emotional causes and beliefs that were underneath my eating patterns, I experienced a breakthrough in my health and vitality.

After graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and becoming a Nutrition Health Coach, I was able to apply the principles that had such a dramatic effect in my life to the lives of my clients. Shortly after, I was trained as a Reiki Master in India.

You may come to me because you’ve been diagnosed with a digestive condition, because you are overly stressed, or because you want to finally lose that weight for good—but our work won’t start with the symptoms, because you are not a symptom. You are not a condition. To access your true health and well-being, I’ll look at who you are as a person and help you peel back the layers that piled on over the years and led to the issue you are experiencing.

I provide an approach that combines Reiki healing to address the emotional and belief-based causes of your health issues, and nutrition to replace those old patterns with new ones that empower you to honor and love yourself with food that nourishes your body.

This is the direct Reiki lineage in the Usui line.

The ability to channel the Reiki energy is passed from Master to Student.

A Reiki Master's lineage can be traced back to Dr. Usui himself, the founder of Reiki.

Jalpa is a 10th generation Reiki Master.

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Jalpa Dhaduk 

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