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Leading a busy life, and a hectic 24/7 schedule, its so hard to relax when you do have those few minutes to unwind. I wasn’t even aware of the tension and blockages in my body. Jalpa’s reiki session felt incredible. One hour session felt like i just woke up from a 15 hr sleep. My abdominal and knee pain was gone!
I will be incorporating Reiki in my monthly schedule, moreover with a spiritual person like Jalpa who understands energy fields, nutrition and healthy living!
- Julija K
 Interior Designer 

I sought out Reiki after starting a new job/moving to new city, and feeling like I wanted to make a fresh start and cleanse any old energy. I received two amazing Reiki sessions from Jalpa and almost immediately noticed a shift in my energy! I noticed I had more energy and a clearer mind to properly tackle my new job! I would totally recommend Jalpa to anyone wanting to make a fresh start or cleanse any physical and emotional energy!

- Desiree R

Physical Therapist

 "I chose to work with Jalpa in order to find a natural way to help treat my symptoms associated with polycystic ovary syndrome. I have never had a regular period and was told by multiple doctors that the only way to find regularity would be through the use of birth control pills. I ended up taking birth control for a few years but stopped about 5 years ago, since then I've had my period only a handful of times (never consecutively). I'm not one to take any over the counter or prescription drugs so I felt incredibly stuck within my situation.


In addition to PCOS, I sought out Jalpa's services in order to fine tune my eating habits and assist me in losing weight. I eat very healthy in terms of what I put in to my body- all organic, nuts, rarely any meat, no dairy, super light on any gluten/carbs, vegetables, greens etc.  Although I eat well and don't drink alcohol I weigh more than I ever have in my life and wanted to regain control. My problem was that I didn't realize I was a living cliche'; you can truly have too much of a good thing.

After just 3 months of working with Jalpa:

 - I have gotten my period every month since which has never happened for me without taking birth control! We were able to naturally regulate my cycle with proper nutrition and natural supplements.

 - I lost 8 pounds and noticed an increase in energy as well as a decrease in stress levels.


Finding the right words to sum up my experience with Jalpa is incredibly challenging. Since meeting her my life has changed dramatically in so many positive ways that I could have never expected. She is phenomenal at what she does; her nutritional background/knowledge shifted all of my eating habits and introduced key natural supplements that were specific to my needs. Jalpa not only empowered me to reach my goals but almost more importantly to realize my self worth. She was able to identify my blindspots along the way and lovingly reflect them back to me so that I could break free from my self-limiting beliefs and discover a new found confidence in myself. This program was so much more than goal planning and achieving. I highly recommend it to literally everyone. I am unbelievably grateful that I choose to work with her and will be following up in the future for even more fine tuning."



   - Kelly M, DPT, Yoga Instructor 

"Being a working mom with two small children, I had gotten into some bad habits for the sake of time management and also had slightly given up on trying to do things for my health and wellbeing because I felt overwhelmed by how to make changes that would make a difference. 


When my husband and I met with Jalpa, we were cynnical about what would be recommended and how would make it work at home.  Jalpa was so helpful in listening to us, helping us work on small steps with an overarching goal of healthly eating, stress management and increased energy in mind.  She would send us tips by email and checked in with us weekly by phone to adjust and progress towards our goals.


 After our first meeting, I had a sample menus that my whole family could enjoy and a shopping list as well as ideas for where to find certain food items.  We did not have to take multiple supplements and the cost of a more healthy lifestyle did not break the bank. My husband and I lost 17 pounds each in 3 months of working with Jalpa, we have more energy and have been able to maintain the changes over time. 


This was a wonderful experience for my husband and I to work together to have healthier life for ourselves and our children. In addition, we were able to teach our kids some things that will serve them well as they grow up."


- MS, Physical Therapist

"Before the program, I was not fitting into my clothes comfortably, a few pounds over my regular weight, and consistently experiencing afternoon fog/sleepiness. I sought out nutrition counseling because I wanted to change my eating habits, but I didn't know where to start.  Previously, I had completed two rounds of the Whole30 and lost weight. However, I would quickly gain the pounds back and found the program very restrictive. After working with Jalpa, I have discovered SO much about my health and what kinds of food are best for my body. The biggest changes I've made include drinking enough water during the day, and striving to fill my plate primarily with veggies. I've also realized the difference between eating things which will genuinely make me happy, versus eating just to eat. Finally, I realize my weight loss goals are really secondary to what I am putting in my body. I know that I can continue to lose weight by eating the right kinds of foods, by practicing mindful eating, and taking care of myself by hydrating and exercising regularly.

    - Sarah D, Music Teacher


"I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with Jalpa. She provided me with so much positive feedback, helped me cut out many toxic products, and provided me with much needed knowledge to help me transition into clean eating. I particularly enjoyed my sessions together where we focused on diet and overall lifestyle changes.

Jalpa helped me deal with my anxiety and poor sleeping habits in a positive way. The constant guidance and patience she had with me was extremely helpful. She adjusted our sessions to fit all my needs and slowly transition to better habits. She even accompanied me on a grocery shopping trip to help me pick out the right foods for me and my tastebuds.


Today, I no longer have complaints of heartburn, nausea, bloating, and fatigue. My IBS is under control and I have a brand new perspective on the things I am putting into my body. Having lot of delicious, new recipes that meet all my needs has helped me stay on track. 


She has inspired and motivated to  feel more confident in my decisions about the foods that I put in my body and the lifestyle that I want for myself. I would like to just thank Jalpa for the wonderful experience;  I have transformed my whole way of eating and lifestyle thanks to her.  I would recommend her to everyone - take the time to sit with her and have consultation. It will change your life for the better. "

- JR, Registered Nurse

I stumbled upon Jalpa at the lowest point in my life. I had an unexplained illness that I had been dealing with for a little under a year and the countless doctors I saw could not figure it out, help with or solve it. I was chronically sick, depressed, fatigued and felt so hopeless. Jalpa is truly a healer and miracle worker. She helped me learn how to take care of my body physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was put on a nutrition program right away to help bring me back to center, and she helped me focus on and understand how the emotional and mental blocks in my life were affecting my health. My body was able to heal when I healed my spirit and learned to take care of myself. I also lost over 20 pounds in the process which was a lovely bonus. Now, I can’t leave my home without receiving a compliment on my energy, my glow or my weight loss. She truly brought me back to life. I continue to see her for her energetic healing and guidance, and can’t recommend her enough! Your life will be elevated in ways you couldn’t even imagine.




I decided to seek Reiki Services when I was going through a difficult time in my life. I had a friend recommend reiki to me. It was not something I truly understood, but, at the time, I was willing to try anything to get more of a hold on my life. I found Jalpa and couldn't be more thankful. The results and changes I have noticed have been countless. In the days after I can feel my entire body release. I have learned to trust myself and have truly continued to live a happier existence. The more I have gone to Jalpa the more changes I have noticed and the longer they have lasted. I feel more in control in my life than I have In a very long time and I have found a way to release negativity I had no idea I was holding onto. The most defining change for me has been an increased intuition. I have learned to listen to what is happening around me and see things through a more clear perspective. I could not be any more thankful for the results I have seen so far and I could not be more thankful. I would truly recommend Reiki to anyone seeking healing. It is something that is difficult to explain but it is worth experiencing for yourself as the results can be invaluable. Jalpa has such a wonderful, calming presence about her which makes it incredibly easy to let go.

- Michelle M


I came to know about Reiki in Instagram and ever since this my inquisitiveness started to grow! I found Jalpa through google and instantly reached out to her to get an appointment. This was my first Reiki session ever and I was excited and scared at the same time. Jalpa was very patient and walked me through the process and help me understand my chakras to heal faster. After my first session with her, I felt so relaxed and happy that I wanted to keep going back to learn more about it and feel the same way. These sessions started to shape and change every aspect of my life and I really am amazed by the way I have evolved over the past 5-6 weeks! I would absolutely recommend Jalpa to anyone wanting a jump start and heal holistically. What did I gain from my sessions? - I feel lighter and happier in and out! Never knew a feeling like this even existed. Can't wait to work with her to help with my nutrition. 
- Anupama
Online Retail

I was experiencing bloating and stomach discomfort after almost every meal.  I had severe stomach inflammation two years prior that was not diagnosed, but subsided and returned earlier in the year. Symptoms were disrupting normal stomach functions which seemed to prohibit weight loss.


Doctors had given me anti-inflammatory medication that helped, however the symptoms would come back. I tried to eat better and exercise more myself, but it was great to have a nutrition counselor who could also see what was being consumed and help figure out if my diet still contained anything that was sabotaging my progress.

I saw improvement with the easy adjustments and tricks Jalpa showed me with what foods to add and how to replace all the processed foods I was consuming daily. The small adjustments I made were easy to do and now I don’t even realize I’m eating much better as it’s become routine. 

I would definitely recommend this program, especially to anyone needing that extra push. You can do so much research online on what to eat and not to eat, but sometimes you need a little guidance.

Jalpa was a great coach and full of information as well as knowing a lot of great recipes!

 - AK, Manager 

I loved that Jalpa listened to my specific needs while taking into account medical issues like my autoimmune disease. She was able to tailor a plan that is workable for me, and individualized, which was extremely helpful.


 In addition to individualizing a specific nutrition plan to meet my needs, I really appreciated her intake process. It was thorough and made me think about every aspect of my life, from sleep patterns, to meals, to looking at my family history. I also enjoyed that she was available to access through email, phone or text, which is important for answering any questions in regards to my health plan.


She has a calm approach and you instantly feel comfortable, so it is easy to access her for any questions! One more motivator in working with Jalpa is seeing her passion for her work. She is a dedicated professional, and you can tell that this area of holistic health is her calling! She's incredibly educated and always has great tips and facts to give you greater insight into the process.  Thank you Jalpa for allowing me to take back control of my health! I now have easy, fun ways to incorporate healthier meals and snacks into my life, and think twice before reaching for things that no longer serve my body.

  - AS, Therapist, Reiki Master

"I had just gone through a break up and was very sad and hurt.  I felt lonely, upset, and frustrated. I finally decided to talk to Jalpa to get out of the negativity.  

I was concerned about my lack of energy, my negative emotions and sadness. Since I am in school, I have a busy and hectic lifestyle which led to my poor diet as well.  


Working with Jalpa helped me feel stronger, happier and healthier each day. Jalpa is a great listener and really took the time to understand my concerns and goals. She was encouraging and provided useful tips and feedback. She would also monitor my progress and reflect the positive changes back to me (often when I wouldn't even see them myself).


 It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to really start experiencing positive changes! You just have to be willing to see the situation differently and allow Jalpa to guide you with her research-backed methods. Even while in school I was able to implement these positive changes. I now feel strong, independent and much much happier! I would recommend Jalpa to any and everyone!"


- AS, Dental Student


Testimonial from previous 6 Week Reset Program:

 One of my main concerns for joining the 6 week program was to lose post pregnancy weight and  develop healthier habits.  Jalpa paid attention to my priorities and lifestyle. Her recommendations were realistic and practical to implement.  I have noticed positive changes in my all areas of my life, including my relationships.   We even implemented some of the recommendations with my husband and now were are both choosing much healthier options.  This program definitely improved my confidence and knowledge in taking care of myself.  I am most proud of taking the first step to becoming the best version of myself - for myself and my beautiful baby boy. 

AC, Translator 

"I really enjoyed the customization of the plan and the flexibility to change the plan as my lifestyle changed.   Jalpa was very attentive and knowledgeable about natural alternatives and the new and effective tools to lower my stress levels during my very busy days of wedding planning.  After following the plan that Jalpa and I had come up with together, I had noticed that I was having deeper, more restful sleep, it became easier for me to fall asleep, my body felt lighter, and I had more energy. I also lost a few inched a long the way. My digestion improved and I was able to enjoy more the foods that I love.  If you're busy, want practical tools to lose the inches, and improve your overall health, Jalpa is the way to go!"

 - SP, Occupational Therapist

"As a father of two i was looking to get fitter and increase my energy levels (those with two kids know what i'm talking about :) . Jalpa came highly recommended by a friend. Jalpa give me easy to implement solutions that didn't involve drastic changes in my lifestyle (super helpful considering i travel a lot and need to keep this up even when away from home). She worked with me to understand my current lifestyle and diet and then initiated small changes over a period of time. We reviewed my progress at periodic intervals (love this) and made minor changes to the plan as needed. 

I feel a whole bunch fitter, have increased energy levels and would highly recommend Jalpa to others. 

PS- Jalpa responds to texts pretty quickly and has helped out when i had crazy hunger pangs and needed advice on the best food to address it! I can finally eat more while still losing weight."

Julis DeSilva, Vice President at QMII

"I connected with Jalpa before New Years to finally get some help with my diet and weight gain and create a plan for 2018. I had never cooked/meal prepped before and struggled anytime I tried. Jalpa was able to provide personalized plan with unbelievably easy to make recipes for breakfast,  lunch, and dinner, that not only positively affected my weight, but also my wallet. It was amazing by how much I was able to reduce eating out, which had been a twice daily occurrence for years. And my energy levels were also improved. I can't recommend her enough."

JT, Clinical Manager 

"I received a Reiki Session from Jalpa while at her yoga and wellness retreat in India. 
Working with Jalpa was very relaxing, calming, and comfortable. She helped me to feel more grounded and to figure out which of my chakras still needed to be cleared in order to become more balanced. I would definitely get this service again and/or follow up because it's important to me to improve myself and to improve my vibrational frequency in this world. You can sense that Jalpa really cares about the work she is doing. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of his or her energy and to anyone who could benefit from healing, whether spiritually, emotionally, physically, or energetically."

- Megan R, Physical Therapist

"I was very surprised working with Jalpa. It was nothing I really expected. To be perfectly honest, I expected someone to give me advice and be extremely on cloud nine and super spiritual to a point where I could not understand or relate. She did not push a specific way of living or eating on me, rather she really took her time to get to know what my deep needs were. Jalpa is intuitive, knowledgable, but best of all, down to earth. It feels as though you have been friends for years. 

She was able to truly listen to both my physical needs and my emotional needs. I didn't realize how important the emotional portion of this journey of nutrition would be until after I met with Jalpa. 

I recommender her to anyone who is looking for a revival in their life using nutrition as a tool."

- Linda K, Real Estate Agent

"She is very knowledgeable and has a great communication style that really makes you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and emotions with her. I absolutely felt at ease and could feel her sense of calmness.  I also felt like she took the time to listen to me and then helped me see the bigger picture.
I felt like I could see exactly what she was talking about and I definitely felt a sense of clarity and relief.
I would definitely do this again and I'm looking forward to more sessions when her in the near future.
Jalpa is so knowledgeable and makes you feel so comfortable during the session. She really knows what she's talking about and has such a calming presence. She takes the time to understand what you are talking about and what exactly you want to know. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

- Hema M, Talent Management

"I booked a Reiki session with Jalpa. We had chatted before the session about her fascinating training and travels. She makes a point to create a special connection with her clients before the session. This was so key for feeling the genuine loving care coming through with the healing energy. From the start of the session I was able to deeply relax and easily turn my attention inwards. You can feel the nurturing, warm loving energy coming from Jalpas hands. She uses crystals to enhance the experience. During my session I actually felt a huge release of emotional heaviness. I left feeling totally uplifted and open. After the session, Jalpa encourages an open conversation about our experience and any observations. This chat gave a lot of depth to the session. The session felt like a synergistic partnership where she held a safe, nurturing field of energy for me to be curious about what is going on internally and clean out a large amount of the emotional garbage. The lightness afterwards was palpable. I went to work the next day with my internal sunshine BEAMING! Not only did I feel lighter and brighter, I looked like I had a glow. I'm so grateful to Jalpa and I cannot wait to book my next one!"

 - Anne, Assistant Designer

She is very passionate about helping people. Jalpa helped me get my life back on track. She taught me that health is not only about how much we eat but it's mostly about what we eat. Also she taught me about the power of my mind and the energy/effects of positivity-  working with Jalpa is the best decision I have made in a very long time. Thank you!

 - Omar, Finance Manager

"Signing up for a nutrition coach felt like I was making a good decision for myself! Jalpa was really great in working with what I already had and helped me implement gradual changes. I didn't feel forced.

I definitely have a better understanding of how eating well really does affect everything else I do. Learning little things like eating fruits & veggies that are in season (the cheaper ones) was so important in sustaining my healthy eating habits.  I learned how to implement foods that are more natural into my daily routine and how to minimize packaged foods.  Now, I make eating meals more regularly a habit and I opt for healthier choices (usually). I eat lunch most days now - it's incredible! A miracle - all thanks to her! My stomach's a lot better in the mornings - I go to the bathroom way better than before. I seriously do feel like I'm enjoying food again though - so thank you!"

RS, Filmmaker, Producer, Director

I went to Jalpa for  coaching in nutrition and for Reiki services.   I was prompted to seek help with my nutrition due to my thyroid dysfunction.   The symptoms I experienced from not having a healthy clean diet in place were anxiety, stomach upset, no consistent elimination of wastes, and fatigue.  In addition I would emotionally eat and was not able to recognize this  on my own.

I noticed a difference right away with incorporating the probiotics.  My energy level was greatly improved with blending healthy smoothies via Jalpa’s recipes.  The combination of eating healty clean meals, probiotics and smoothies made my elimination schedule regular as well as improving the look of my skin and hair. 

Jalpa was able to make me aware of “emotional” eating.  I was able to control my intake with proper planning and greatly decreased the need to “eat my feelings”.  

The Reiki was amazing!  With the use of a rose quartz pointed crystal Jalpa was able to remove a block in my solar plexus.  The two of us actually felt this energy process at the same time.  The release of this energy truly gave me a greater sense of power as that is what is out of balance with the 3rd chakra.

I would highly recommend these services to anyone that wants to eat clean, have more energy, better sleep, shed excess weight, experience regularity of elimination of wastes both physically and energetically.  Jalpa has a very soothing voice as she coaches you and is very thorough and patient throughout the whole process.

-ML, Therapist


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