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Image by Denys Nevozhai

What if loving yourself wasn’t a reward at the end of weight loss, but part of the road to it?

If you’ve ever been on a diet in your life, chances are you’ve been on many diets in your life. That’s because they don’t work. And they don’t work because they are based on the idea that excess weight is simply about food, therefore losing weight is simply about restricting food.

The problem is that our choices and patterns when it comes to eating are about far more than what tastes good. They are built over the years from the beliefs we absorbed from our family and society, from our experiences—both painful ones like feeling embarrassed or pleasurable ones like feeling comforted—from traumas and entrenched ideas and habits.

So taking on an unrealistic, restrictive diet often ends in frustration because it’s too difficult to sustain long-term, especially against all of the underlying emotions and beliefs we have about food and our bodies.

This “failure” adds to our feelings of shame and guilt, reinforcing the self-sabotaging thoughts that hinder true success.

But there is another way. One that is based on self-knowledge and self-love rather than guilt. A way that provides real, lasting, and sustainable results because it is tailored to you and addresses not just the food you eat but your thoughts and emotions.

I help clients achieve a healthy weight through a holistic approach that combines a deep understanding of how to eat (and enjoy!) the right foods to balance out your weight with help in discovering the reasons behind the poor eating habits that led to excess weight in the first place.

When you ditch deprivation-based diets for a life where you nourish your body with good food, you break the cycle of guilt and shame, and are able to lose weight not because you feel bad about yourself, but because you feel good about yourself and worthy of your best life. If you’re ready to make that change, let’s talk about how holistic weight loss can work for you.

Success Story

Being a working mom with two small children, I had gotten into some bad habits for the sake of time management and also had slightly given up on trying to do things for my health and wellbeing because I felt overwhelmed by how to make changes that would make a difference.


When my husband and I met with Jalpa, we were cynical about what would be recommended and how would make it work at home.  Jalpa was so helpful in listening to us, helping us work on small steps with an overarching goal of healthy eating, stress management and increased energy in mind. She would send us tips by email and checked in with us weekly by phone to adjust and progress towards our goals.


After our first meeting, I had a sample menus that my whole family could enjoy and a shopping list as well as ideas for where to find certain food items.  We did not have to take multiple supplements and the cost of a more healthy lifestyle did not break the bank. My husband and I lost 17 pounds each in 3 months of working with Jalpa, we have more energy and have been able to maintain the changes over time.


This was a wonderful experience for my husband and I to work together to have healthier life for ourselves and our children. In addition, we were able to teach our kids some things that will serve them well as they grow up.

--M.S. | Physical Therapist

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